Configure Qnap iSCSI as VMware Datastore


After upgrading my old QNAP TS-453A to a QNAP TS-873 with 8 bays and tons of storage I finally had some time to explore additional storage options for my homelab. Now with 2 pools of storage with total capacity of ~ 35TiB I finally could start to use my NAS much more efficient.

In the previous post Configure QNAP NFS as VMware ESXi Dastastore I showed you how to configure QNAP NFS share as VMware ESXi Datastore.

In this post I will show you how to create a VMware ESXi datastore using iSCSI.

PowerCLI script to create Metro Cluster aware DRS groups


In my last project, I was working with Nutanix metro cluster running on VMware ESXi. Unfortunately, Nutanix and VMware vSphere don’t provide any way to automatically distribute virtual machines based on datastore to site location.

How to add NFS export to VMware ESXi 6.5

How to add NFS export to VMware ESXi 6.5 - logo"

During my whole career with VMware vSphere, I’ve been using Fibre Channel as a storage protocol. When it comes to a home lab I’ve tried iSCSI Nexenta iSCSI installation and configuration for ESXi and iSCSI Software Adapter configuration using vSphere Web Client f but I find the configuration more complex than using NFS exports. Today I will show you how to add NFS 3.0 export to VMware ESXi 6.*.

Build a NetApp ONTAP 9 Lab… For Free!

How to Build a NetApp ONTAP 9 Lab - For Free

For every vSphere Administrator and Engineer experience with storage products is very important. Unfortunately for some of us who work in larger enterprises, there is clear role and duties separation. This leads to technology silos where vSphere gurus can’t “play” with storage. Fortunately for those people (and not only of course) community member Neil Anderson created eBook How to create NetApp Ontap 9 Lab.

Konferencja infraXstructure 2016 której nie możesz przegapić!


Jako osoba która od ładnych kilku lat bawi się w IT przeżyłem i widziałem wiele. Najbardziej lubiałem konferencje bo po pierwsze był zazwyczaj to płatny dzień pracy, a po drugie możliwość poznania nowych technologi i nawiązania nowych kontaktów. Dzisiaj chciałbym zaprosić Was drodzy czytelnicy do uczestnictwa w konferencji infraXstructure.