Use SSH With Private and Public Keys in VMware ESXi


I am a private Linux user since many Years and I always have used combination of username and password to authenticate when logging via Secure Shell (SSH). It worked pretty well for Years but recently as my Linux footprint grew it started to be very tiresome. I knew that there is this “magical way” to login without password but I was reluctant to try it out. Once I tried it out I loved it and I never ever want to user password to authenticate with SSH. In this post you will learn how you can use combination of public and private keys to login to VMware ESXi.

How to replace NSX Manager SSL Certificate

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I am working on daily basis with many Customers in CEMEA region. Pretty much all of them are large Enterprises where a focus on security is quite high. As the best practice, it is recommended to replace self-signed SSL Certificates with Certificate Authority Certificates.

Runecast Analyzer review

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Welcome to another review of fantastic software on my blog. Today Runecast Analyzer review will show us what proactive monitoring in addition to best practices and VMware Knowledge base articles can do in your environment.

Runecast Analyzer is a startup company founded by Stanimir Markov in 2014. Since then product grew and already Runecast has quite large portfolio of customers.

vCenter Server 6.* – Replacing SSL certificates with Enterprise VMCA

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In my earlier post vCenter Server 6.* – Replacing SSL certificates with Custom VMCA I described how you can replace SSL certificates with Custom CA certificates. Today in post vCenter Server 6. – Replacing SSL certificates with Enterprise VMCA* I would like to guide you through replacement of VMCA self-signed SSL certificate with Microsoft CA certificates. This will allow you to take advantage of VMCA as a single point of certificate management in your environment while ensuring that

Konferencja infraXstructure 2016 której nie możesz przegapić!


Jako osoba która od ładnych kilku lat bawi się w IT przeżyłem i widziałem wiele. Najbardziej lubiałem konferencje bo po pierwsze był zazwyczaj to płatny dzień pracy, a po drugie możliwość poznania nowych technologi i nawiązania nowych kontaktów. Dzisiaj chciałbym zaprosić Was drodzy czytelnicy do uczestnictwa w konferencji infraXstructure.

How to replace VMware ESXi 6.* SSL certificate

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Certificates are very common in our daily life. Starting from logging to your banking account, checking email or simply visiting social media, we use secure communication. One of ingredients of it are certificates. I will not describe you in details how do we use them - if you are reading this most likely you know what you are doing.

Today blog post How to replace VMware ESXi 6. SSL certificate* will describe you how to replace SSL certificates on ESXi hosts.