Why Become VMware vExpert 2024 Edition

VMware vExpert 2023/2024

End of 2023 comes very close to an end. Many things happened this Year and for me most important event was release of my book which I blogged about Blog post about my book released in 2023. Apart from that I was super hyped about VMware Explorer 2023 in Barcelona GCVE Sessions at VMware Explore 2023and My VMware Explore 2023 Session about GCVE.

In this post I will write some tips to aspiring VMware vExperts who would like to apply in 2024.

GCVE gcloud and SDK is GA

gcloud output

I am super excited to let you know, that you can now use the gcloud command-line tool or the API to manage VMware Engine networks, network policies, and private clouds.

This new capability gives GCVE customer more flexibility and control over their VMware Engine environment.

GCVE Supports VMware Aria for Logs

VMware Aria Logo

Another exciting news from Google Cloud VMware Engine camp. On VMware blog website, VMware announced support for Google Cloud VMware Engine and VMware Aria Operations for Logs. VMware Aria Operations for Logs allows customers to easily analyze logs from across different environments in one place. By seeing all the logs in one place makes it more easy to troubleshoot complex issues and correlate issues across different environments.

GCVE Supports VPC Service Controls

Security fence

Just recently Google Cloud announced that Google Cloud VMware Engine supports VPC Service Controls. This feature was long awaited by enterprise customers and in my opinion it is a game changer in terms of securing Google Cloud resources. VPC Service Controls (VPC SC) is a Google Cloud feature that allows you to define a security perimeter for your Google Cloud resources. This perimeter limits the exporting and importing of resources and their associated data to within the defined perimeter. In the next section of the post I will explain why is this important and how can we use it.

I Am VMware vExpert Pro

vExpert Pro certificate

Thank you VMware for honoring me a fifth time in a row as a vExpert Pro and overall tenth time as VMware vExpert. I couldn’t be more proud to achieve this honorable title.

Being recognized by VMware as a vExpert is a humbling experience. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication I have put into sharing my knowledge and expertise with the VMware community.

10 Years as VMware vExpert

Wojciech Marusiak VMware vExpert - 1

10 Years as VMware vExpert! I can’t believe it! I am so happy and I really can’t comprehend this :D

Thank you VMware for the recognition and all this years learning awesome technology and meeting awesome people. You are the best!