Year 2023 in Review

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Year 2023 has been quite busy for me. A lot of happened at work and in my personal life. In this post I would like to wrap up 2023 and share some insights into my plans for 2024.

Optimize Your JPG and PNG Images and Use WebP Format

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Image management is a crucial part of today’s Internet. We generate huge amount of images, we need to store them and it all takes place somewhere. On my blog over many Years, I produced a lot of articles, many with images. I never really bothered about the images that much. They existed and I used them on my blog. However, after moving from WordPress to a static blog generator my ultimate goal was stop using JPG or PNG file formats to improve page speed loading time, to decrease blog size and use modern image formats.

In todays blog I will show you what is WebP format and how I reduced the size of images by 5 times!

Why Become VMware vExpert 2024 Edition

VMware vExpert 2023/2024

End of 2023 comes very close to an end. Many things happened this Year and for me most important event was release of my book which I blogged about Blog post about my book released in 2023. Apart from that I was super hyped about VMware Explorer 2023 in Barcelona GCVE Sessions at VMware Explore 2023and My VMware Explore 2023 Session about GCVE.

In this post I will write some tips to aspiring VMware vExperts who would like to apply in 2024.

How to Backup vCenter Server Appliance 7.x and 8.x

vCenter Server Appliance Diagram

In a past I prepared a post How to backup vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 Blog Post. It was relevant until version 7.0 of vCenter Server Appliance. I was backing up my vCSA already using new method and I want to show how you can do it in version 7.x of vCSA. It is a one of the prerequisites to take a backup of vCSA prior to upgrade vCenter Server Appliance.

In todays post I’ll guide you into how to backup vCenter Server Appliance 7.x and 8.x.

How to remove annoying startup prompt in Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal with annoying prompt

Since switching my blog to static webpage generator Hugo I am using more and more command line tools and programming tools. For coding I am using Visual Studio Code, on my macOS I am using iTerm with Oh My ZSH and of course GitHub to store content of the webpage. However on Windows as the default I switched to Windows Terminal as my main command line tool. But, on Windows 10 or 11 in Windows Terminal there is this annoying popup when you start it.

Windows PowerShell
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Install the latest PowerShell for new features and improvements!

In this post you will learn how to remove it.

My Book Is Released - Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification and Implementation Guide

Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification and Implementation Guide Book

I am very proud to share that together with my colleague Agnieszka Koziorowska we have released the book Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification and Implementation Guide.

Official release was on September 27th 2023 and it took some time not only to write the book but write about writing the book ;)

Google Cloud VMware Engine Sessions at VMware Explore 2023 Barcelona

VMware Explore 2023 Barcelona Live Broadcast

VMware Explore 2023 in Barcelona is approaching very fast. In about one week thousands of folks will arrive to Barcelona in Spain to enjoy excellent conference - VMware Explore 2023. There will be many excellent sessions from different vendors, from VMware and community ones but I would like to invite you to join sessions about Google Cloud VMware Engine.

My VMware Explore 2023 Session

My session at VMware Explore 2023 in Barcelona

Hello, VMware Explore 2023 Barcelona attendees! I am very thrilled to invite you to my session “Unleash the Power of Google Cloud Services with Google Cloud VMware Engine,” taking place at this year’s conference in Barcelona. My co-presenter for this session is Robert Riemer, from the Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) specialist team.