Upgrade of NSX 6.2.4 to NSX 6.3.1


Welcome in the next from the Homelab upgrade series. Today as a part of the update we will cover upgrade of NSX 6.2.4 to NSX 6.3.1. VMware NSX 6.3.0 was the first release which supports vSphere 6.5. I already covered upgrade of ESXi 6.0 to 6.5 using different method along with vCenter Server upgrade.

Step by Step NSX Upgrade

NSX Upgrade - step by step - logo

I haven’t been writing much about NSX so far, but I am working on an Internet of Things (IoT) Project where NSX is one of the core products. In Today post Step by Step NSX Upgrade, I would like to show you how NSX upgrade should be done.

vCenter Server 6.* Upgrade

vCenter Server 6. Upgrade - logo

Even if you are running lab environment vSphere upgrades still have to be done. Same in my case. I wanted to upgraded my environment from vCenter Server 6.0.0 build 2559268 to vCenter Server 6.0 U1b build 3343019.