Runecast Analyzer 1.5 review

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I’ve been using Runecast Analyzer in my lab since I introduced it to my readers a while ago Runecast Analyzer review. Not so long ago Runecast Analyzer 1.5 release was introduced to customers.

I would like to focus in this review on new enhancements and features introduced in version 1.5.

Multiple VMware vSphere vCenters support

Runecast Analyzer  1.5 allows to view and manage multiple VMware vSphere vCenters via one dashboard.Many customers have more than one vCenter Server: Production, Q&A or Dev environments or even more. Having one dashboard with all vCenter Server provides easier management and monitoring of the environment. This enhancement allows deploying single Runecast Analyzer appliance with reduced overhead on the environment.

Multiple vCenter Dashboard

Once you install Runecast Analyzer you see an empty dashboard. We will connect several vCenters to show you how easy it is to see more than one vCenter in Runecast Analyzer 1.5.

  1. Login to Runecast GUI.

    Runecast Analyzer 1.5 review - 1

  2. Go to Settings where we will add several vCenter Servers.

    Runecast Analyzer 1.5 review - 2

  3. In the main GUI, click Analyze Now and confirm which vCenter Servers you would like to analyze.

    Runecast Analyzer 1.5 review - 3

  4. It takes a moment to analyze the whole environment.

    Runecast Analyzer 1.5 review - 4

  5. From the top menu, you can choose vCenter on which you would like to focus.

    Runecast Analyzer 1.5 review - 5

  6. Once selected you can take a look at details of selected vCenter Server and its environment.

    Runecast Analyzer 1.5 review - 6qsz

Other enhancements

Other enhancements in version 1.5 include improved security, enhanced log search and filtering and improved Knowledge Base filters.


As you saw enhancements done by Runecast Analyzer Team are very useful and will improve productivity and ease of use of the product. In my opinion, product get much better with 1.5 release and I could simply suggest to install it in your environment and give it a try.  I recommend reading Deployment Guide in case you need more detailed information about setup