Why Become VMware vExpert 2024 Edition

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VMware vExpert 2023/2024

End of 2023 comes very close to an end. Many things happened this Year and for me most important event was release of my book which I blogged about Blog post about my book released in 2023. Apart from that I was super hyped about VMware Explorer 2023 in Barcelona GCVE Sessions at VMware Explore 2023and My VMware Explore 2023 Session about GCVE.

In this post I will write some tips to aspiring VMware vExperts who would like to apply in 2024.

VMware vExpert after 10 Years and why become one?

After being quite experienced VMware vExpert - 10 Years and counting, I would love to share some insights from my side and as well from VMware vExpert Pro side (we are the ones who are judging vExpert applications).

For me at the beginning vExpert program was mostly about getting free licenses from VMware. It evolved greatly over the years because program itself evolved quite heavily.

Apart from licenses I really enjoyed visibility and recognition amongst colleagues. Sometimes people asked me some very advanced VMware questions :D VMware vExpert doesn’t necessarily have to be know how expert about everything ;)

This days program means much more to me. It is the community where I can ask questions and exchange experience for evergrowing VMware footprint across on-premises and Clouds. It means as well that VMware shares with vExperts some upcoming news and webinars. I really love this part. Personally, for me program means I can mentor other colleagues and support them in their journey into the program.

How to get help with becoming VMware vExpert?

Especially as vExpert Pro I see a lot of applications and judge them according to the program requirements.

Here are some tips for you how to write successful vExpert application:

  • What you did for a community? Any events, evangelism, anything which you did outside of your job.
  • Please include any proof that you did it in form of URL. Event URL, VMUG appearance with link, link to your presentation, whatever URL. This helps a lot and saves my and your time.
  • Don’t include work activities. Work isn’t considered as community activities.

VMware vExpert Benefits

Connect with fellow experts

  • Join our exclusive vExpert Slack channel
  • Network with other vExperts through a private directory
  • Attend private vExpert parties at VMware Explore events

Enhance your expertise

  • Receive a vExpert certificate signed by VMware CEO
  • Access private forums on communities.vmware.com
  • Participate in private webinars with VMware partners
  • Gain access to private betas for upcoming products
  • Receive pre-launch briefings on new VMware solutions
  • Get early access to vSphere and other VMware products

Expand your reach

  • Use the vExpert logo on your cards, website, and other materials
  • Receive exclusive gifts from VMware partners
  • Get featured in a public vExpert online directory
  • Share vetted VMware content on your social media channels

Harness valuable resources

  • Obtain 365-day evaluation licenses for most VMware products
  • Access vetted VMware and virtualization content for your social channels