NSX SFTP Backup stops working after upgrade to NSX 6.3.*

I am in a process of upgrading NSX 6.2.4 by a customer in three locations deployed using VVD Deployment Toolkit. The NSX Upgrade itself went really smoothly. However, after the upgrade, we noticed that SFTP backup stopped working with an enigmatic error.

Unable to connect to server FQDN at 22. Either server details are invalid or invalid credentials are presented.( Common algorithms not found. )

Upgrade of NSX 6.2.4 to NSX 6.3.1


Welcome in the next from the Homelab upgrade series. Today as a part of the update we will cover upgrade of NSX 6.2.4 to NSX 6.3.1. VMware NSX 6.3.0 was the first release which supports vSphere 6.5. I already covered upgrade of ESXi 6.0 to 6.5 using different method along with vCenter Server upgrade.

How to change logging level in NSX

How to change logging level in NSX - Logo

Troubleshooting issues aren’t always fun and easy way to do. Especially in complex environments where multiple issues might occur at the same time. Having a way to easily find root cause is crucial. Today I will show you how to change logging level in NSX and its components.

How to replace NSX Manager SSL Certificate

How to replace NSX Manager SSL Certificate - Logo

I am working on daily basis with many Customers in CEMEA region. Pretty much all of them are large Enterprises where a focus on security is quite high. As the best practice, it is recommended to replace self-signed SSL Certificates with Certificate Authority Certificates.

How to backup NSX?

How to backup NSX - logo

One of the components of modern and agile environments is Software Defined Network (SDN). Imagine that your Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) dies and you as Administrator of that environment have to recover it to state before crash.

Step by Step NSX Upgrade

NSX Upgrade - step by step - logo

I haven’t been writing much about NSX so far, but I am working on an Internet of Things (IoT) Project where NSX is one of the core products. In Today post Step by Step NSX Upgrade, I would like to show you how NSX upgrade should be done.