Year 2023 in Review

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Year 2023 has been quite busy for me. A lot of happened at work and in my personal life. In this post I would like to wrap up 2023 and share some insights into my plans for 2024.

Blog stats in 2023

My blog is still being visited, but is much less than in a previous years. Firstly I write less, but still I write it. This is most important part. What really struck me is how old post are still visited. Especially about configuration of HP c7000 enclosures. On-premises is still valid ;)

Blog stats 2023 - 1

First stats are about users visited in 2023. 32000 Users is still nice amount of the visitors. Could be more, could be less. Most important part is that users are still visiting my blog.

Blog stats 2023 - 3

Here you can see the top posts in 2023.

Blog stats 2023 - 4

Most visited countries are United States, India and Germany.

Blog stats 2023 - 5

The majority of users are using Windows as operating system, followed by macOS and Android.

Blog stats 2023 - 6

No wonder that Chrome is dominating the browser section. Edge is trailing and Firefox is at the end.

Blog stats 2023 - 7

You visit my blog mostly on Desktop (90%) and on mobile (9%).

Blog stats 2023 - 8

Last statistic shows that still the most popular screen resolution is Full HD.

2023 Highlights


I think the main highlight of 2023 was the release of my book. I wrote about it here Blog about releasing my book.


At work it was definitely a year of GenAI. Everything was about it and we have heard about it everywhere. Today at the end of the Year it is not so uncommon to use Bard or ChatGPT or any other Large Language Models (LLMs) and they are part of our daily life now.

The other part of my work with my customers was mainly focus on using the cloud efficiently. Main initiatives focused on infrastructure right-sizing, applying committed use discounts (CUDs) at Google Cloud and using cloud efficiently. Other customers wanted to innovate in some really niche sections like mainframe. Other customers wanted to innovate in database space wanting to remove some expensive databases (mainly Oracle) with viable alternatives like PostgreSQL or AlloyDB from Google Cloud(PostgreSQL compatible Database).


Other things where I spent some time this Year was focus on learning about Kubernetes, how can I use it in my homelab and how to get rid of virtual machines which consume resources and I need to patch them, manage them - the old school way.