Windows Server

Microsoft Cluster running on VMware ESXi – Cluster in a Box

Microsoft Cluster running on VMware ESXi - Cluster in a Box]1

In Today’s post, I would like to show you how to configure Microsoft Clustering across Virtual Machines with shared disk - so-called Cluster in a Box(CiB). Typical use case for Microsoft Cluster / Failover Cluster is to have cluster nodes with shared storage. Typical use case for Cluster in a Box is when you have to provide availability on Operating System level for application/service and you can’t use Raw Device Mapping in your environment.

VMware vSphere Update Manager 5.5

VMware vSphere Update Manager

Once we successfully installed vCenter Server 5.5 it is time to enhance its functionality by installing VMware vSphere Update Manager.

What is VMware vSphere Update Manager?

In short words, Update Manager is used to automating patching of VMware hosts. It is really simple yet powerful tool - it allows you easily update your whole infrastructure with zero downtime (if all done properly 😉 ).