In the second post of vCenter 5.5 installation, I will cover following topics.

  • MSSQL databases preparation
  • MSSQL ODBC connectivity

vCenter Server 5.5 database creation

In order to create database execute following script //vCenter-Server/dbschema/DB_and_schema_creation_scripts_MSSQL.txt

Change database name, username, password and database location according to your setup.

After Database is successfully created we should create ODBC connection which will allow vCenter to communicate with SQL Server.

MSSQL ODBC configuration

In your vCenter Server go to Control Panel Administrative Tools ODBC Data Sources (64-bit)

Windows Server 2012 ODBC Data Source (64-bit)

and select System DSN. Click Add and select SQL Server Native Client 11.0.

Windows Server 2012 SQL Server Native Client DSN

In new window provide data source name, description and location of the database (in my case local).

Windows Server 2012 DSN 1

Change the default database to vCenterDB, click next and Finish. Next step is to test if the connection works. Click Test Data Source and you should receive information about a successful connection.

Windows Server 2012 DSN 3

Before installing vCenter server I added user [email protected] to security logins and I granted sysadmin rights to vCenterDB.

In order to do that go to SQL Server Management Studio and navigate to Security Logins and click New Login.

Windows Server 2012 New Security Login

In new window provide username – in my case Marusiak\ap-vcenter. Go to Server Roles and grant user sysadmin rights.

Windows Server 2012 New Security Login Sysadmin

Next go to User Mappings, select vCenterDB and grant user db_owner rights.

Windows Server 2012 New Security Login dbowner

After all, preparation was done we can easily install vCenter Server 5.5 which I will cover in third and last part of series.

In third post I went through vCenter Server components installation.

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