How to generate new self-signed certificate in HP c7000 enclosure


For a period of days I am working on replacing self-signed certificates in my environment and I found one issue with my enclosure. My certificate authority supports only 2048 Bits Certificate Signing Requests and in my case enclosure had 1024 Bits certificate. I found solution how to quickly fix problem and replace self-signed certificate.

HP c7000 Blade Enclosure Configuration

HP c7000 Enclosure

Managing you blade infrastructure might be sometimes challenging. I decided to guide you through components of HP c7000 Enclosure and components you can use. After short introduction I went through initial configuration and additional settings which I thing are quite useful.

HP c7000 Enclosure overview

The HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure goes beyond just Blade servers. It consolidates server, storage, networking and power management into a single solution that can be managed as a unified environment.

HP Virtual Connect firmware upgrade

HP Virtual Connect Flex 10

One of my recent tasks was to upgrade firmware version of virtual connect. I would like to share with you procedure how to do it.

In order to do that you need two things:

  • Virtual Connect Support Utility. You can download it from HP website: http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c04264271
  • Virtual Connect Firmware

Backup your domain configuration

HP c7000 Onboard Administrator LDAP Active Directory authentication

HPe c7000 Enclosure

Since quite a long time I have a pleasure to work with HP Enclosures c7000 and c3000. HP Blades with enclosures is the really great enterprise solution. Over the years I found difficult to manage multiple enclosures with local users and this is where integration with Active Directory makes your life simpler. In few steps, I will guide you how to integrate Onboard Administrator with Active Directory LDAP.

iLO2 dodanie nowego użytkownika

Nowy użytkownik

W poprzednim wpisie o iLO2 pisałem jak zresetować hasło administratora https://www.wojcieh.net/reset-hasla-ilo2/. Jeżeli w jakiś sposób nie udaje Ci się reset hasła administratora, to można spróbować dodać nowego użytkownika, którym możemy normalnie zarządzać serwerem. Oto w jaki sposób można tego dokonać: