Today I found that several of my ESXi servers running on HP Blade bl460c G8 had warning in Hardware Status tab in vSphere client.

Add-in Card 1- 35-GPU

Followed by alert hostname.local Alert Host IPMI System Event Log status 10/22/2014 3:12:51 AM.

I checked enclosure and Blade IML log and there was no problem at all. I was a bit puzzled and I tried to clear warning by resetting sensors, but it didn’t help.

Fortunately for me, I found a way how to fix it.


In order to fix issue there are several ways to fix / clear issue:

  • Go to Configuration Security Profile Services  / Properties and restart CIM Server Daemon. In my case, I received time out to do it so I simply did it again and it worked.
    Add-in Card 1- 35-GPU CIM restart timeout
  • Login using SSH to your ESXi server and execute the following command
  • Reboot server

After restarting service you just need to reset sensors in Hardware Status tab and all will return to normal state.

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