VMware vExpert 2020 Announcements

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I am extremely happy to announce that I received VMware vExpert community award. It is already 7 Years in a row where my VMware community contribution was recognized.

I am very honored and happy that it happened again.

vExpert 2019 nomination

VMware vExpert 2019 announcements are out. Yet again I am proud to share that I have been awarded vExpert title. I am extremely proud and happy. 2018 was a tough Year for me and I didn’t do everything I wanted in terms of blogging.

How to install Apple macOS in VMware Workstation on Windows

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macOS is a quite popular operating system. I never had an opportunity to work with it prior joining to VMware. From my point of view, Apple makes brilliant hardware and software (with one exception of Finder in macOS). At the moment I am running Windows 10 as a Bootcamp and I am quite happy how it performs. However, there are situations when one would like to evaluate the different operating system. Let it be any Linux flavor or an even exotic system like BSD you can all run them in VMware Workstation. What about the Apple macOS? Unfortunately in VMware Workstation running on Windows by default you can’t run Apple macOS.

Today I will show you how to install Apple macOS in VMware Workstation on Windows.

Konferencja infraXstructure 2017

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infraXstructure 2017 - techniczne święto inżynierów. Znamy agendę!

Już 20 kwietnia 2017 widzimy się po raz trzeci podczas infraXstructure! To praktyczna konferencja Data Center, Cloud i DevOps tworzona przez inżynierów dla inżynierów. Mocno techniczna, treściwa i stworzona z myślą o specjalistach tych dziedzin. Jeśli zajmujesz się Data Center, Cloudem, DevOps, kontereryzacją, wirtualizacją, Dtrace, IasS i chcesz poznać doświadczenia specjalistów zajmujących się tymi zagadnieniami - infraXstructure zostało stworzone właśnie dla Ciebie.