VMUG Advantage with EVALExperience


Today VMware announced exciting news about VMUG Advantage new feature. All new subscriptions and renewals will be offered with very interesting package which is called EVAL Experience. In my opinion this is deal breaker - many of people who have home labs quite often are using evaluation licenses and this is the problem for them. With new offering from VMUG Advantage finally it is worth to buy it. Personally if I will be not awarded vExpert 2015 I will buy it to have access to latest VMware software which I use almost every day in my home lab.

2014 Year review

Happy 2015

As year 2014 is almost finished I would like to share with you with my 2014 review and plans for next Year.  I had quite a lot of achievements and success stories and I have as well a lot of plans for next Year.

2014 Review


Spotkanie VMUG Polska – 27.11.2014


Z ogromną przyjemnością  zapraszamy Państwa na konferencję grupy VMUG Polska, która odbędzie się dnia 27 listopada 2014 r. w Warszawie w Hotelu Westin zlokalizowanym przy ulicy Al. Jana Pawła II 21.

Rejestracja dostępna jest dla członków grupy VMUG. Liczba miejsc ograniczona.

Brocade Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) – free training and certification

Brocade - Vyatta

In my earlier posts I explained what is Vyatta and how to configure it in VMware Workstation. Obviously Vyatta isn’t only suitable in virtual environments to do all networking activities. It can do the job perfectly fine in physical deployments as well. I found really interesting limited offer from Brocade: free training and certification about networking.

VMware Education – Free Courses

VMware Education - Free Courses

On VMware Education website you can find a huge amount of free Courses. As you see below Courses cover quite broad area of knowledge and products from portfolio. In order to register you need VMware account and you can find the whole collection of courses here Free VMware Courses.

VMware books – what is worth to read

I heard once that doctors never stop learning through whole life. They have to be up to date with current science developments and breakthroughs. I strongly believe that people who work in IT are the same. We have to follow up with newest technologies, trends and so on. Therefore I would like to share with you books I really recommend to learn, develop and gain knowledge. Books are presented without specific order - all of them are great.