vExpert 2019 nomination

VMware vExpert 2019 announcements are out. Yet again I am proud to share that I have been awarded vExpert title. I am extremely proud and happy. 2018 was a tough Year for me and I didn’t do everything I wanted in terms of blogging.

![vExpert 2019 - 6 Years][1] ![vExpert logo 2019][2] ![vExpert Certificate 2019 Wojciech Marusiak][3]

I would like to thank you vExpert community, VMware vExpert community managers: Corey Romero and Valdecir Carvalho. As a vExpert Pro I see a lot of new ideas which they put into the program and I see more and more new activities. Well done. [1]: /images/uploads/2019/03/vexpert-2019-6-years.webp [2]: /images/uploads/2019/03/vexpert-logo.webp [3]: /images/uploads/2019/03/vexpert-certificate-2019-wojciech-marusiak.webp