Installing signed SSL certificates in HP c7000 enclosure

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Installing signed SSL certificate in HP c7000 enclosure isnt’ difficult thing to do. From my experience most of the time you will spend is to setup Certificate Authority. If you work in bigger company most likely you already have working Certificate Authority. If you don’t have it you certainly can create it.

HP OneView SSL certificate replacement

HP OneView Certificate Replacement

In my previous post we configured HP OneView to manage HP c7000 enclosure. Today I will show you how to replace self signed certificate with one from trusted Certificate Authority.

How to generate new self-signed certificate in HP c7000 enclosure


For a period of days I am working on replacing self-signed certificates in my environment and I found one issue with my enclosure. My certificate authority supports only 2048 Bits Certificate Signing Requests and in my case enclosure had 1024 Bits certificate. I found solution how to quickly fix problem and replace self-signed certificate.

HP c7000 Blade Enclosure Configuration

HP c7000 Enclosure

Managing you blade infrastructure might be sometimes challenging. I decided to guide you through components of HP c7000 Enclosure and components you can use. After short introduction I went through initial configuration and additional settings which I thing are quite useful.

HP c7000 Enclosure overview

The HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure goes beyond just Blade servers. It consolidates server, storage, networking and power management into a single solution that can be managed as a unified environment.

HP c7000 Onboard Administrator LDAP Active Directory authentication

HPe c7000 Enclosure

Since quite a long time I have a pleasure to work with HP Enclosures c7000 and c3000. HP Blades with enclosures is the really great enterprise solution. Over the years I found difficult to manage multiple enclosures with local users and this is where integration with Active Directory makes your life simpler. In few steps, I will guide you how to integrate Onboard Administrator with Active Directory LDAP.