Unable to run vCenter Server Appliance installer on macOS

Today I wanted to install a fresh vCenter Server Appliance for further automatic provisioning with Terraform. When I wanted to install the vCenter Server Appliance I faced an error while I tried to mount ISO in Finder and execute the install.

vCenter Server Appliance blocked

Failed to start File System Check on vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA)


My lab hasn’t been used for a few weeks due to business in a Project. As I have a VCIX6-NV exam on this Friday I had to refresh my knowledge and prepare myself a bit before I try to pass it. I was quite surprised when I logged into the lab and it was down. After quick login to ESXi, I discovered an error on vCSA and PSC - Failed to start File System Check on /dev/dis…uuid. Today I will show you what needs to be done after such failure to recover your vCSA / PSC appliance.

How to backup vCenter Server Appliance 6.5

How to backup vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 - logo

vCenter Server (be it the appliance or not) is the critical management component of every vSphere environment. Therefore it is critical to backup it at regular basis to have the possibility to restore configuration prior to failure. With the vSphere 6.5 release, vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) received the possibility to perform the backup of its configuration from appliance management interface (not only but I will describe this later on).

Migration of Windows vCenter Server 6.x to vCenter Server 6.5 Appliance

Migration of vCenter Server 6.x to vCenter Server 6.5 - Logo

vSphere 6.5 is on the market for quite a bit of time. In most cases, customers don’t perform upgrade immediately after the release of new software. It was the same with my home lab. I wanted to take a holistic approach and perform an upgrade to the latest and greatest release of all products I have in my home lab. In this first post, I will show you upgrade process of all components I use.