Use SSH With Private and Public Keys in VMware ESXi


I am a private Linux user since many Years and I always have used combination of username and password to authenticate when logging via Secure Shell (SSH). It worked pretty well for Years but recently as my Linux footprint grew it started to be very tiresome. I knew that there is this “magical way” to login without password but I was reluctant to try it out. Once I tried it out I loved it and I never ever want to user password to authenticate with SSH. In this post you will learn how you can use combination of public and private keys to login to VMware ESXi.

How to use DCUI from SSH

![How to use DCUI from SSH - logo][1]

Due to the fact that my work is now customer oriented I have possibilities to see more environments and learn new things. Quite recently I was working with customer and we wanted to see DCUI - Direct Console User Interface.