Farewell VMware – Welcome Public Cloud


Hello readers!

It is official now, after two wonderful Years at VMware I left the job as Senior Consultant. Before I will tell you more what I will do I would like to share a few words with you about my decision.

Why I left VMware and why VMware is cool!

I am working with VMware products from around 2009 which gives me around 8 Years of experience. Working with VMware products always gave me joy and provided for me and my family.

When I joined VMware two Years ago my dream came true, I was extremely happy and proud. I had a pleasure to work with the best experts in Europe and delivering great solutions to customers. I enjoyed working with every single customer and I love them.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the chapter I worked with VMware products more than 8 Years. Despite that my tasks changed and I learned new products and technologies I suddenly started to feel a little bit bored and I wanted to learn something new.

Last Year on Udemy there was a nice promo for courses and I thought that I might try AWS course. After spending 30$ for three courses (two of them about AWS) I decided to watch few chapters and play a bit with Public Cloud. When I deployed first virtual machines in EC2 I sat and thought WOW. It is so easy, so fast to deploy new virtual machines. No more worrying about hypervisor, management, storage and so on. I felt exactly the same when I did my first vMotion. Pure simple IT joy 🙂

After that, I took few AWS courses and I finished with AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certificate.

My new job

As I was extremely happy with my job, duties, work&life balance I always replied to a job offer - “Thanks, but I am happy with VMware”. However, this one offer came and I decided to try it. I had nothing to lose and I got it. As of first of November, I joined company Consort CT where I work as Senior Solutions Cloud Architect.

In my new company, I will help customers with the journey to the Public Cloud. I still love VMware and its products and this passion will still be expressed on my blog.