I am VMware – my new job as Consultant with VMware

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I am VMware - my new job

In this post I would like to announce that as of 01.09.2015 I am joining VMware in Germany and I will work as Consultant in DACH (D - Deutschland, A - Austria, CH - Switzerland) region. I am very excited about this fact, because for me I can honestly say. My dream came true!

I am working with VMware products several Years already and for me it was always pleasure. I was dreaming that someday I will have proper knowledge and VMware would hire me. This Year it finally happened. I will join PSO (Professional Services) Team in Unterschleißheim, Germany, and as Consultant I will be travelling most of the time.

Besides joining VMware as such I am excited to start working as Consultant with various customers which allow me to grow and learn exponentially. As soon as I will finish my first project which will suit into VCDX frames I will start my VCDX journey.

VMware recruitment

Somewhere in April my colleague from Work was approached by VMware Recruiter to offer him new job. He said that he will skip this one and offered myself as possible candidate. I was immediately contacted by recruiter. We discussed role, my experience and my expectations. After two or three days I was asked to travel to Munich / Unterschleißheim for F2F Interview.

Face to Face Recruitment

I have somewhere about 8 Years of IT experience and I attended plenty of Interviews. From the Interview itself you can tell a lot about company, your future Manager and your new place of work. In my case I really enjoyed Interview. Questions were fair and really aligned to role and I knew immediately that this is the place I want to work.

Telephone Interview

After week or so next Interview was scheduled. It was Architect from my future PSO Team and again I enjoyed Interview. I enjoyed questions - they were aligned to role and allowed me to show future Colleague how I think and what I would do in some situations.


After several days I was informed that I got the job and I was the luckiest person in the World.


This is what I know so far from VMware job offer and as well from my new Manager.

  • Assess client’s desktop/server/network/storage infrastructure and IT management processes
  • Plan large SDDC infrastructure roll-outs and migrations with a particular focus on cloud management and automation.
  • Demonstrate thought leadership in cloud computing and virtualization and their application
  • Independently conduct small to medium engagements with customers
  • Maintain current knowledge of the entire VMware SDDC product stack and Cloud concepts
  • Assist in the development of standard reusable VMware “productized” consulting service offerings and enhancements to our methodology, including definition of tasks, deliverables and standard estimates

What’s Next?

As you know with every job beginning is quite difficult and I don’t expect mine to be different. Learning new tools, meeting new people and learning how things are done in new place. I will try as much as I will have spare time to write posts. I hope that with every new customer I will work with, I will have some interesting things to share with my readers on my blog. So stay tuned and give me a bit of time to organize things and you will be rewarded with even better content 🙂