My first VMware Anniversary

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One Year ago

Exactly one Year ago 3.09.2015 I arrived to VMware Office in Munich to start my job as Consultant with VMware. I wrote about it in post I am VMware – my new job as Consultant with VMware. Today I would like to share with you few thoughts after first Year as it is My first VMware Anniversary.

First three Months

At the beginning like in pretty much every company there was a newcomer training where you hear about whole VMware portfolio. This is good, because if you had experience only with part of VMware software stack you can easily learn more about other offering. Of course you will not remember everything after half of the Year, but at least something will remain in your head.

Next week I was sent to join big project where I was responsible for vSphere part. I was scared to death if I will manage to help there with my knowledge, but fortunately with help of all new very friendly Colleagues I managed to do my work.

Six Months+

In my all previous jobs after six Months I was pretty much aware of all processes, I knew whole environment and I felt comfortable with all my duties. With VMware every day I am learning new stuff, I am discovering new sub-domains where cool stuff is located. After six Months I felt quite comfortable with all the tools, I didn’t have to ask so much around to get my stuff done.

One Year and My first VMware Anniversary

I still remember when I came to VMware Office in Suit as newbie. I was really scared but as well excited. Today exactly one Year later I am still excited to with every day duties, with all work I do for Customers and constant learning I do every day.

I am looking forward to work even longer for VMware and be_TOMORROW 😉