VMworld 2018 EU sessions download

Hello, VMware fans!

VMworld EU 2018 is past us. Again VMware recorded all sessions and allows us watching videos on their website. In this post, you will find out how to download VMworld 2018 EU sessions.

Similar to VMworld US 2018, William Lam on his GitHub page created https://github.com/lamw/vmworld2018-session-urls/blob/master/vmworld-eu-playback-urls.md with a list of all sessions which were used later on to extract direct download links.

Jorge de la Cruz created as well a list of the downloads https://jorgedelacruz.uk/2018/11/10/vmworld-how-to-download-all-vmworld-2018-europe-breakout-sessions-in-mp4-format/ which utilized Firefox extension DownThemAll!. I used it for 2016 session download https://www.wojcieh.net/how-to-download-all-vmworld-2016-us-sessions/.

I downloaded all the sessions and created a torrent file which will be shared with you guys to download the sessions. Torrent is a little bit smaller than VMworld 2018 US (~800GB) and it is around (417 GB) so it will take a few days to download it.