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VMworld 2016 US in Las Vegas is behind us and we are all preparing for VMworld 2016 in Barcelona. For those who didn’t have the possibility to visit VMworld US, VMware released for public viewing all VMworld sessions.

A well-known member of VMware community William Lam did marvelous job and gather all those links in one place Direct playback & download URLs for all VMworld US 2016 sessions. I am very happy that William helped us with all those crazy work. I will watch them on my tablet during traveling to customers. To do that I need first to  to download all VMworld 2016 US sessions.

How to download all VMworld 2016 US sessions?

I found a solution to do it. What you need it Firefox and extension DownThemAll!.

Once extension is enabled simply navigate to William’s GitHub and use right mouse button click and choose DownThemAll!.


One new window appears to, select all video files and most important change mask to


Click start and wait for few hours to download all VMworld 2016 US sessions 😉

VMworld 2016 US sessions torrent file

I decided to use the best medium to share all files with you, which is torrent. Please use the following link to download all VMworld 2016 US sessions.

Update 12.09.2016

I had to remove torrent file due to DDoS attacks on my server. Apologies for that.

Update 16.09.2016

I created dedicated server just for VMworld torrent. Please check if this file is working for you:

Update 15.10.2016

Missing torrents has beedn added. Please download them using link:

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