Servers memory configuration tool

HP, Dell, IBM logos

Did you ever have a problem with memory modules which are laying in you stock? Or perhaps you had requirement from customer to fill server with not standard amount of RAM? If yes you are lucky one because major server suppliers provide documentation and some useful tools.

One of this tool (besides official documentation) is online memory configuration. It is very easy to use, you just need to follow steps explained in details and you will get what you need.

I was looking for information if it is possible to mix memory for HP Blade BL460c G6 and yes you can do it. My google skills are pretty much amazing so after several minutes I found what I was looking for.

Below you can find memory configuration tools for major brands:

All of those tools are pretty much the same. You can provide CPU count, desired RAM size, current memory configuration and so on. All of them will summarize server configuration with memory placement instruction which might be helpful for not so experienced administrators.

I suggest testing tools with “not standard” amount of RAM - for example 140GB. Results are pretty interesting.

Let me know what you think about those tools and if they helped you a bit.