Second day of VMworld 2014 was even more intense than first one. After Veeam Party finished somewhere about 1:30 AM I was quite tired and I had to skip first session. I don’t regret it because it was really good and I will watch first session online.


INF2951-SPO  –  Unleashing SDDC Awesomeness with Atlantis USX: Building a Storage Infrastructure for Tier 1 VMs with vVOLS, VASA, VSAN and Atlantis USX Data Services

This session was skipped thanks to Veeam 🙂

OPT1897  –  Virtual Technology, Real Results: Boeing’s Success on the Road to IT as a Service (ITaaS)

In this session Boeing IT Leader Enes Yildirim provided practical advice how to build and transform classical IT departments into ITaaS. Even thought I am not manager I enjoyed session because presenter showed real examples and ideas how you can transform your IT.

MGT2948-SPO  –  Effective Options For Reducing The Time To Perform Root Cause Analysis Of VMware FC SAN Environments

I really was thrilled about this session because troubleshooting FC SAN is not always easy task. Session started with interesting topics like vRealize Operations and Brocade plugin where you can see details about your SAN environment. The other tool which Brocade presented during session was vRealize Log Insight. To get all of those tools working you need Brocade Network Advisor. Unfortunately session finished somewhere after 30 minutes because there was no real demo or no real life examples where we could see troubleshooting using vRealize Suit. This session could be dramatically improved by providing simple examples with troubleshooting.

NET1974  –  Multi-Site Data Center Solutions with VMware NSX

I skipped this session.

INF3049-SPO  –  Reaping the Benefits of Software-Defined Storage

In this sessioon Jack McLeod focused on Software Defined Storage as one of the parts of Software Defined Datacenter.

STO1965  –  Virtual Volumes Technical Deep Dive

I skipped this session because I already got really good idea about vVOLS and I preferred to visit Solutions exchange.


I met Mike Laverick @Mike_Laverick and we spoke briefly about EVO:Rail in VMware booth, besides that I met Manfred Hofer @Fred_vBrain and I shortly introduced myself and what I do.

VMworld Party

To be honest I have heard that VMworld party is quite ok. Unfortunately in my opinion this party was really bad.


Let me simply start with food which was not really there. Some risotto and some ham besides some really small snack there was nothing! I couldn’t believe it that after whole day of conference there was no solid warm food!


Fortunately VMware did good job and provided quite good amount of beers and wine and there was no problem to relax after whole day.


Party started with some DJ from France which I didn’t knew but he played some decent music. Unfortunately at 21:30 he was replaced by band called Simple Minds. For me it was mistake to present that kind of music to quite young audience. I was not happy with that music and I went to play some games outside.


VMware thought that we should go back early and they finished party after 10:30 PM / 11:00 PM – I don’t remember exactly. Security guards forced people to leave it really quickly.

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