VeeamON 2015 News

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Oct 26 – 29, 2015 was really hot day in Las Vegas this Year, because VeeamOn the World’s first premier data center availability event was there.

Veeam announced a lot of interesting news and I would like to share it with you.

Veeam Backup for Linux

Veeam Backup for Linux is a simple and free backup agent that runs on Linux servers. It’s designed to give you the capabilities you need to ensure the Availability of your individual Linux cloud instances or on-premises physical Linux servers.

Veeam Backup for Linux is an agent-based solution running inside the guest OS (operating system). Veeam’s solution supports incremental backups with a proprietary changed block tracking (CBT) driver. This allows Veeam to take block-level snapshots on a vast range of file systems while storing snapshot data on the designated storage device, instead of on the actual volume you are backing up! And what’s more important, the solution can take a consistent snapshot of the server’s storage by using only the built-in functionality of Veeam Backup or Linux.

The best and I am 100% sure a lot of people will love it - Veeam Backup for Linux is completely free. I strongly encourage you to visit product page Veeam Backup for Linux to learn more about it.

Veeam Managed Backup Portal for Service Providers

Veeam Managed Backup Portal for Service Providers, available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, streamlines the delivery of Veeam-powered backup services (including BaaS) for service providers, including resellers interested in launching a service provider business. It provides a “business-in-a-box” by including remote monitoring and management of customer backups via a service provider portal for administrative and billing purposes, and a customer portal for basic self-service monitoring and configuration.

Veeam Managed Backup Portal for Service Providers is a solution that can be used for billing, tenant (client) management, remote monitoring, remote management and more without the hassle of a VPN connection.

If you would like to participate in beta then there is no simpler way than visiting link Veeam Managed Backup Portal for Service Providers (and Resellers!) and register yourself. is a community supported site that hosts experimental apps and tools that are designed to be played with and explored. On this page you can find very usefull tools like backup bandwith calculator or restore point simulator - don’t be shy. Try it! It is for free 🙂