Veeam Availability Suite V10 Released

Veeam Availablity Suite v10

It’s here! Our flagship solution, Veeam® Availability Suite™ v10, has been officially released, and Veeam packed it with more than 150 groundbreaking features.

Veeam is excited for you to have a chance to test it out, so here are a few links:

The product strategy team will showcase live demos at our launch event today. In case you missed it, the recording will be available the next day by the same link.

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See what’s new

Check out some serious new features, including:

  • Powerful NAS Backup: Advanced changed file tracking, multiple recovery options, for any NAS alongside any target and no NDMP utilization! 

  • Multi‑VM Instant Recovery: Meet Veeam’s next generation Instant Recovery engine built for mass instant restores for your VMware vSphere workloads 

  • 100% ransomware‑proof backups with S3 object lock functionality 

  • Easy migration with instant recovery of ANY Veeam Backup to VMware vSphere 

  • New options for  monitoring and analytics for any workloads, including NAS backups and Nutanix AHV VMs 

  • Enhanced backup from  Storage Snapshots with log backup for most data‑intensive apps 

  • And much more!