VeeamON Tour Poland – Warsaw 07.09.2017

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Hello blog readers. I’d like to invite you to VeeamON Tour Poland - Warsaw 07.09.2017. This year theme is Experience Availability.

VeeamON Tours are designed for IT professionals of all levels and focused on how to deliver the Availability for the Always-On Enterprise. These exciting events take place in 40+ locations all over Europe.

  • 8000+ IT professionals, including IT Decision Makers, administrators, partners.
  • 40+ cities in Europe, South Africa, the Middle East & India.
  • What is it about?: The paradigm of business has been completely revolutionized by IT and digital.

The earlier notion of fixed time and a fixed place has given way to anytime, anywhere, any channel business transactions. The customers’ and employees’ expectations from a contemporary business are very different. They want their enterprise to be Always-On.The data layer is a critical layer of any enterprise as it is the “currency” of the processes that create and deliver services. This vital currency needs to be managed well for it to be available in the right form, at the right speed, and in the right quantity, whenever demanded.

The event will take place in:

Digital Knowledge Village

ul. Puławska 457

02-844 Warszawa

To register in this exciting event simply visit the event landing Page