Top vBlog2016 results!

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In one of my previous post I wrote  and kindly asked my readers to vote for my blog in Top vBlog 2016 contest organized by Eric Siebert on his blog Few days ago Eric announced Top 25 blogs and I was nervously waiting for results to be announced. Let’s see Top vBlog2016 results!

Top vBlog2016 results!

This Year I am thrilled to announce that my blog was voted #50 in Top vBlog contest! When I read results I couldn’t believe. In comparison to 2015 Top vBlog voting I jumped by 36 places. This is fantastic result and I couldn’t achieve it without You - my readers and friends!

vSphere Land - Top vBlog 2016 - Results

Thank You!!!

Achieving such great success couldn’t be possible without spending hours working on my blog and dedication to do it regularly. Such achievement greatly motivates me to do it better and better. Achievieng such great success wasn’t never in my dreams. Before two Years when I tried first time to be even listed in Eric’s list I couldn’t imagine that I would be able to achieve any of this. Support from my readers and from family was as well very important. Without that it would be possible to spend as many hours I have spent.

To view full results follow this link Top vBlog 2016 Full Results.