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Wow! What a news for Today. Google Cloud VMware Engine just announced that vSAN Stretched Cluster is generally available. This means that from Today onwards customers can leverage stretched clusters in their production environment.

vSAN Stretched Cluster

What is vSAN Stretched Clusters and what problems does it solve?

The vSAN Stretched Cluster feature was introduced in vSAN 6.1. A vSAN Stretched Cluster is a specific configuration implemented in environments where disaster/downtime avoidance is a key requirement. This guide was developed to provide additional insight and information for installation, configuration, and operation of a vSAN Stretched Cluster infrastructure in conjunction with VMware vSphere.

Obviously this information might not be enough, so I encourage you to visit VMware documentation about the feature vSAN Stretched Cluster Documentation.

Other GCVE announcements

New IP plan

Starting November 17, 2022, newly created private clouds will utilize IP address layout (IP Plan) version 2.0 subnet allocations. HCX addressing is now included in the management CIDR allocation, simplifying the process of starting data center VM migrations. IP Plan version 2.0 also enables additional scale and features delivered to your public cloud in upcoming releases.

gcloud command to manage GCVE

You can now use the gcloud command-line tool or the API to manage VMWare Engine networks, network policies, and private clouds. See the API reference or the gcloud SDK for more information.


I am so looking forward to get feedback from customers while using this in the leading VMware as a Service product on the market (opinionated ;) )