GCVE Terraform and ESXi Log FW is GA

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Personally I am very big fan of automation and infrastructure abstraction. As Terraform is leading in that field, I was very long time looking forward to GA of Terraform provider for Google Cloud VMware Engine.


As per Wikipedia Terraform is Terraform is an open-source infrastructure-as-code software tool created by HashiCorp. Users define and provide data center infrastructure using a declarative configuration language known as HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL), or optionally JSON.

It simply allows you to abstract your underlying infrastructure into the role of providers, like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or VMware into the code. You no longer need to understand or know in 100% details underlying infrastructure as Terraform will take care of translating its code into Terraform Provider specifics.

If you wish to learn more about Terraform there is so much resources on the web you can find. I can recommend this YouTube Video from my beloved KodeKloud :)



The latest update from Google Cloud VMware Engine introduces support for Terraform, allowing users to efficiently manage private cloud, cluster, and network configurations. With this release, users can leverage Create, Update, and Delete commands to handle various private cloud resources seamlessly. By incorporating the VMware Engine Terraform provider, users can now embrace Infrastructure-as-Code principles to streamline their VMware Engine Environment.

To delve deeper into these exciting new features and kick-start your journey, I recommend visiting the VMware Engine documentation on the HashiCorp website https://registry.terraform.io/providers/hashicorp/google/latest/docs/resources/vmwareengine_private_cloud and exploring the IaC Foundations blueprint https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/gcve-iac-foundations.

GCVE Logs forwarding

GCVE documentation has been updated with two new options - forwarding logs from ESXi and forwarding logs from vCenter Server to desired Syslog server. This has been requested by customers who wants to see NSX-T firewall logs which are stored on ESXi hosts.

Link to the documentation and procedure https://cloud.google.com/vmware-engine/docs/environment/howto-forward-syslog.