In the second post of articles about updating ESXi 5.1 to ESXi 5.5, I will cover the interactive upgrade.

Interactive Upgrade

In simple words, interactive upgrade is very similar to the installation of ESXi. Without wasting time let’s upgrade ESXi 5.1 interactively.

  1. Insert CD with ESXi image or bootable USB drive into your host.
  2. Reboot your host with CD/USB.
  3. Select boot from ESXi 5.5 Installer.
    ESXi Update - Interactive Upgrade 1
  4. Click Enter to continue.
    ESXi Update - Interactive Upgrade 2
  5. Accept End User License Agreement (EULA).
    ESXi Update - Interactive Upgrade 3
  6. Installer is searching for previously installed ESXi.
    ESXi Update - Interactive Upgrade 4
  7. Select your installed ESXi.
    ESXi Update - Interactive Upgrade 5
  8. Choose (X)Upgrade ESXi, preserve VMFS datastore.
    ESXi Update - Interactive Upgrade 6
  9. Confirm upgrade by pressing F11.
    ESXi Update - Interactive Upgrade 7
  10. Wait for upgrade to finish.
    ESXi Update - Interactive Upgrade 8
  11. After successful upgrade (we don’t have any other choice 😉 ) remove installation media and  press Enter to reboot host.
    ESXi Update - Interactive Upgrade 9
  12. It worked. ESXi 5.1 was upgraded to latest version which is ESXi 5.5.
    ESXi Update - Interactive Upgrade 11

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