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Ransomware has become the threat du jour for businesses of all types and end users alike, as well as the money extortion tool of choice for cybercriminals. This is hardly surprising given its impressive ability to evolve and sneak by traditional data protection strategies. The frustration of those affected is palpable, with outcomes also including critical data loss, lowered productivity and damaged reputation.

Veeam e-book not only gives an insight into the ransomware threat but also reviews the fundamentals of top-notch ransomware preparedness and recovery, in order to help protect yourself and your organization. The initial infection may be inevitable, so the best protection is to be fully prepared and ready to recover.

Learn more about:

  • Ransomware milestones, key capabilities, and impact
  • Key layers of ransomware protection and preparedness against attacks
  • Quick and painless recovery from backups
  • And much more!

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